ICS Update Complaints


Is Ice Cream Sandwich Out Yet? Another in a long line of articles questioning why it takes manufacturers/carriers/Google so long to get an Android update out in to the field. I do agree that Google should take a leadership role here, but they appear content to let the carriers rule.

I’d be running ICS right now if I could find a ROM that had the camera working for my Droid 2.

Nascar Tide Commercial


Well now, that didn’t take long:


I also love Tide’s postscript on the video page:

When over 200 gallons of jet fuel scorched Turn 3 at the race, the professionals used Tide powder detergent to clean up the mess. For a powerful clean, choose Tide.

What other brands can say that?

2012 Calendar Photos

Last year, I started a new tradition of utilizing photos I had taken through the year to make a calendar for family. This year Emily and I also gifted calendars to a larger group of friends, and I wanted to share the photos. Emily helped pick and layout the photos, and she was my companion when many of these were shot.

If you click the individual photos below, you can see a larger image and a bit of explanation as to where and when each image was shot. If you would like any prints, please contact me.