Summer Rocky Mountain Moose

Emily and I headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park several weeks ago on a mission: to spot moose. Moose are my mom’s favorite, and I wanted to see if we could spot them before my parents visit next month. We usually drive to the east side of the Park, entering on the Estes Park side. This time, knowing that the moose like the west side of the Park, we entered from Grand Lake (which is an extra feat, because we had to get up even earlier and cross Berthoud Pass). And we were well rewarded!

We spotted two herds of elk entering the Park, and shortly afterwards were treated to a beautiful sunrise and several moose. Emily first spotted a cow and her calf (usually I see them!), and I knew something was up when they continued to look behind them. Shortly afterwards, I spotted a bull running through the lowlands, and we just managed to catch him crossing the road (the picture is totally blown out, but it happened incredibly fast). Afterwards, we happened to spot a cow with two calves, walking through the meadows.