Facebook’s Dishonesty and Should I Stay

“Facebook does not track users across the web,” – A Facebook spokesperson on September 25, 2011


“Generally, unlike other major Internet companies, we have no interest in tracking people.” – Facebook employee on September 25, 2011


“A method is described for tracking information about the activities of users of a social networking system while on another domain.” – Facebook Patent application dated September 22, 2011

Mike Arrington, via his new blog Uncrunched.

I have been thinking more and more lately about ditching Facebook. I rarely get on Facebook, mainly when I get a notification of something important. I most recently used Facebook when I was planning my best friend’s bachelor party, but I could have done that through email. I no longer think Facebook usage is worth the blatant breaches of my privacy. If you have to follow these instructions to keep Facebook from seeing every page you browse, something is wrong.

Now as for Google, I’m still on the fence.