A Race to Remember


Scene Daily has the story behind Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s 2001 win at the Pepsi 400, at the same racetrack his father was killed at just six months earlier:

The week before NASCAR returned to Daytona for the first time after the 2001 Daytona 500, [Dale Earnhardt Jr.] took some friends there, in part to show them the place but also to see how he felt. Like a man going ice fishing who isn’t sure if the ice is thick enough to hold him, he stepped gingerly onto the grounds. The ice didn’t crack. He didn’t sink. He felt good. He found he still liked the place.

Reading that story, and watching the video of the celebration (go watch it), reminds me what this young kid went through, and the story he’s had to live with his entire life.

Here’s my prediction for Saturday night: Junior breaks his two-year winless streak and gets back into victory lane.

Why I Love Bristol

I’ve loved watching a Bristol race ever since I started watching Nascar.  It intensified even more after my dad and I attended a race at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2006 (the weekend of the snow-delayed Busch race):

[I apologize, I know these pictures are terrible, taken with a disposable in overcast/snowy conditions. Thank goodness I have a DSLR now.]

This week, Scene Daily has put together two great articles that exemplify why I love Bristol.  They’ve printed a list of memorable Bristol dustups (who can forget Earnhardt-Labonte?).  They’ve also printed a list of the ten most memorable Bristol races.  Go check them out, and then hit YouTube to see the highlights of those races.  And you’ll see why I love races at Bristol.