Snow Panoramas

I shot this panorama tonight to try and give you all a look at the lights outside at night when there is snow on the ground. Off to the right the sky is very white; right in the middle, the sky is orange and red; and off to the left the sky is a green/blue. And you can’t see it, but over the mountains to the very far left, there was an orange haze over the foothills.

Also, I was trying out the panorama mode on Ice Cream Sandwich on my Android tablet.

Click the image for a larger view.


Open for Business

Even though we got about 10 inches or a foot of snow overnight, the halls of government are still open today:


It just took a bit longer to get into work this morning.

Black-crowned Night Heron


While looking through my father-in-law’s copy of Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Western North America, I found the answer to a quest of mine.

This bird, which I photographed in April, is called a Black-crowned Night Heron. While he did appear more blue to me, I do believe my mystery has been solved.

I initially noticed him on the far-side of a pond nearby our apartment, while I was photographing some goslings and their parents at sunset. I saw him fly toward the side of the pond I was on, and as I went closer, it began to rain. I crept up and managed to get a great photo of him/her before it began to rain harder. If you look closely, it even has a bit of food left in its beak.

Kenny Chesney at Red Rocks

Emily, her parents, and I went and saw Kenny Chesney’s first ever show at Red Rocks Amphitheater last night. And it was awesome! What a beautiful venue for a concert: