ICS Update Complaints


Is Ice Cream Sandwich Out Yet? Another in a long line of articles questioning why it takes manufacturers/carriers/Google so long to get an Android update out in to the field. I do agree that Google should take a leadership role here, but they appear content to let the carriers rule.

I’d be running ICS right now if I could find a ROM that had the camera working for my Droid 2.

Apple Listened to the Interns


Brian Lam on Apple’s textbooks discovery:

I find it fascinating that Apple’s upper ranks have a system in place for listening to the ideas of interns. This seems like a smart thing for an enormous company to do when they’re trying to keep start-up values. It’s a neat little hack to the innovator’s dilemma. Also, the idea only cost them a few Macbook Airs.

This is something I hope to remember when I am a manager: that interns have great ideas. Listen to them. Throw out the crazy ones. But try to see their viewpoint; it’s unclouded.

Imagine you couldn’t read Aristotle or Confucius because the DRM


I find the situation nearly intolerable. It’s not just that I want to be able to choose my e-reader device and then have free and easy access to any book, it’s that what we’re discussing here are books, the very things that have created and sustained our culture over generations. To allow them to be encrypted and inaccessible without specific software is to limit the dissemination of human knowledge. Imagine if you couldn’t read Aristotle or Confucius because the DRM format their publishers chose wasn’t compatible with your iPad. It’s insanity.

The Verge’s Dieter Bohn. Imagine if Johannes Gutenberg patented the printing press and restricted the use of printed materials.

Why the Olympics Social Media Ban for Volunteers is Idiotic


Why the Olympics social media ban for volunteers is idiotic:

3. It’s based on an understanding of a world which no longer exists. Any PR firm who believe that they can carefully control brand messages are deluded and are going out of business – slowly but surely. The role of PR has changed from command and control to engaging in conversation, and encouraging positive debate.

It’s incredible that people still don’t see what social media means to the world. “The rules… say social media at London 2012 is managed by its communications team.” I’m terribly sorry, but this isn’t how social media works.

And for more, the BBC has a great article on the Olympics not allowing volunteers to use social media.